Eyebeam Museum of Art and Technology – New York

collaboration for Diller+Scofidio an Renfro


Alfio Faro Team Member

Program: Museum of Art and Technology in New York

Type: competition

Year: 2001

Part museum for the presentation of emerging media art and part laboratory for its production, the Museum of Art and Technology combines the programs of museum, theater, education, and production facility. A pliable ribbon separates presentation from production functions. The ribbon undulates from side to side as it climbs from the street, floor folding into wall, folding into floor, slipping back gradually to fit the diminishing zoning envelope. With each change of direction the ribbon alternately enfolds a production or presentation space, thus combing together residents and visitors. The ribbon consists of a two–ply surface: a smooth concrete ply with precast service jacks or “smart pores” line exhibition levels; a second ply of lightweight removable panels of non–conductive composite material line production/education levels. An interstitial space houses the building’s “nervous system.” Assuming the rapid obsolescence of new technologies, an open infrastructure allows the building to be a supple and spontaneous organism that accommodates artistic and technological unpredictability. The building is conceived as a system of controlled contamination. (Unrealized)