Armani 5th Avenue – New York

collaboration for Massimiliano + Doriana Fuksas


Client :Giorgio Armani Group

Design: Massimiliano +Doriana Fuksas

Collaboration: Alfio Faro, Project manager of the Design Team

Type : retail

Status : realized

Year : 2007-2009

Budget : undisclosed

After Hong Kong Chater House and Tokyo Ginza Tower, Fifth Avenue completes the trilogy of the Armani Stores designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas for the famous designer.

Situated in the centre of New York, in one of the world’s well known streets, the project takes up the first three floors of the two buildings located between 5th Avenue and 56th Street.
Besides the basement, the showroom develops on four different levels and it is conceived as a single space, without clear distinctions, a space in harmony connected with the power generated by the vortex that is the staircase.

The heart of the building is, in fact, epitomized by the staircase. Structure in rolled calendar steel (made in Italy) and cladded in a plastic layer that highlights its exceptional sculptural presence. It is an entity that is almost impossible to convey in terms of any normal geometric shape that originates from a vortex with great dynamism, surrounded by the different levels that accommodate the Armani world.
The movement of the ribbons that constitutes the staircase, skimming each floor, disenchants the possibility to recognize the geometry.

The general layout of every floor develops according to the different flexures of the ribbons, creating a space controlled by the vortex.

ARCA N. 252
November 2009
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