Etnafitness – Catane

project / commission

Client : I.P.I. Iniziative Partanna Immobiliari S.P.A

Surface : 1500 m² fitness spa + 600 m² kindergarden

Year : 2012

Budget : 8M€

Type : wellness/fitness + education

Status : commission/ unbuilt

The project concerns the entire 1st floor of the satellite building of the Etnapolis commercial center in Catania. This level has a surface of 2100 m² divided in a beauty/fitness center of 1500 m² Etnafitness and a kindergarten for the employees and eventually for the customers with an area of 600 m². The Etnafitness center is divided in seven major areas: the entry lobby with its shop, the beauty salon, a bar cafeteria, three dance halls, a fitness center, a spa and the changing rooms. As all the areas of the center are visible from outside thanks to the continuous curtail walls, the goal of the project is to characterize each area with a different style and different patterns in the walls. So, for example, the dance halls have glazed surfaces (dividing the halls from the corridor near by) with a pattern of several almond-like ceramic elements lit from above, while the fitness center has a particular illumination concept. The beauty center and the cafeteria play with graphics and wall papers whereas in the spa the main theme is the sea, the marine wellness and the hydrotherapy. In the roof a network of solar thermal collectors provide hot water to the spa and the showers f the center. In the kindergarten the spaces are designed to satisfy the needs of children of different ages. Moreover the spaces are flexible and  customizable, not only to accommodate different activities for a long stay (suitable for the employees’ children) but also to give the possibility to accept children for a short period (for the customers’ children). We have chosen suitable materials for children as caoutchouc  floorings and eco-friendly paintings. Layers of gentle colors differentiate the spaces.