Europan 14 – Pantin

project / competiton

Client : Ville de Pantin – Europan 14

Type : urban design

Status : competition / idea

Year : 2017

Budget :undisclosed


Foreword:  The demands posed by the productive market are so fluid and mutable that we decided to conceive a highly flexible urban device. To do so we chose a cube as a module and we transformed it ,through a series of variations and processes, in a new hybrid entity  the INCOMPLET-ABLE. We organized the master plan in clusters, creating a new urban alphabet. More specifically:

the “Renault” site:  This area is axed along a strong landmark: the“ Bassin du Grand Paris”. This long water bassin is the gate of Pantin towards the Canal de l’Ourq and metaphorically towards the Grand Paris  region. Renault is hosted in the two first floors of the two condensed clusters. We  propose porch-like open ground floors  directly connected to the streets where Renault can show the  cars. The upper floors of the  bigger cluster will host  a 3* hotel, an appart hotel and a 7* suite hotel  and a gastronomy restaurant. They will enjoy the big open spaces over  the water of the canals. The   Bassin du Grand Paris will be animated with a series of leisure  activities

 the “Citroën” site: it will follow the very same logic as the Renault one. It opens toward a new square the Place de l’Automobile and its cluster degrades gently towards the Jardins Citrôen . The ground floor and the first floor will host the Citroën program that will probably mute in the next future, while the upper ones will host an appart hotel.

the “Chemin de Fer” site: This area is interested by a random cluster of pile buildings onto the  rails. It  becomes the ideal placement  for dynamic young small/medium size activities attracted by the low prices and the important means of transportation of the site. Likewise, the residential units will attract students young couples and executives and it will become, thanks to its strategic accessibility one the most important spots of the Parisian night life.

the “Gare de Pantin” site: a cluster of south-north oriented units in connection with the ZAC Gare de Pantin and its central park, this area will become the typical “middle class residential neighborhood”. The proximity with the Gare of Pantin and the direct connection to the City Hall district will attract families and seniors and all productive activities will be tailored to this social tissue.

Outdoor equipments and green areas: The Bassin du Grand Paris, the Jardins Citroens and the green areas of the Quatre Chemins district constitute more than 1.2 Ha of outdoor facilities