The Ephemeral Machine – Copenhagen

project / competiton /shortlisted

Client: LAGI

Surface : 100 m²

Type: International Competition

Status: idea

Year: 2014

Budget: undisclosed

The ephemeral machine is at the same time a dense energy installation, and a landscape element setting two major references with the surroundings: a tribute to the history of the site considered as an icon of Danish ship industry after that Burmeister & Wain established a major shipyard in 1871, and the recognition of the present day landscape of a flat harbor punctuated by a series of marking vertical elements: chimneys, cranes, silos and antennas.

Movement, and energy are substantial elements of this 120 m high installation that looks like a massive marine engine. Its 550 piston-like transparent elements fixed to a platform of buoy-like rafts can produce an average of 1000 MWh/year, the equivalent energy consumed by a big block of Copenhagen. Energy is produced basically by two elements. The first constituted by the buoy-like platform inspired by an existing model produced by the Ocean Products Technologies: the APB 350 Autonomous Power Buoy. The second constituted by the 550 caps of the transparent balloons covered with transparent photovoltaic cells. The balloons and the rafts are conceived to counterbalance each other in order to increase soft vertical movements and, therefore, energy through the buoys.

Shortlisted entry

“Dutch Design Week 2015”

Nature Meets Design – Alterra Institute Wageningen University.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Oct 17th – Oct25 2015


“New Energies – LAGI 2014”

Danish Design Center

Copenhague, Danemark

Oct/Nov 2014