New Famila Store – Palerme

project / commission

Client : I.P.I. Iniziative Partanna Immobiliari S.P.A

Surface : 8000 m² commercial center+ 25000 m² parking

Type : commercial

Year : 2012

Budget : 15M€

Status :commission/unbuilt

The program of the project was that to convert an abandoned industrial plant  into a new commercial center.  The existing building was characterized by two large vaults covering a big hall surrounded by ancillary spaces and it could not be demolished. One of the major defy of the project was that to find the necessary parking spaces, as the existing structures and the budget prevented from digging the parking below the foundations. Moreover the surrounding spaces  could not accommodate the entire surface. So the idea was to convert the roof into a parking level, creating a new volume including the two spacious vaults The new volume covered with a light textile material become the new architectural  image of the building. Furthermore, we decided to combine the environmental issues of the project with the need of visibility that each commercial area requires. A network of transparent tubes containing photovoltaic cells was conceived to furnish renewable energy to the building, but also to create an ultimate illumination design . The ground floor, housing the commercial surfaces, was intentionally left simple and transparent.