Omaggio a Luigi Ghirri – Lugo di Romagna

collaboration for Startt


Client : Unione dei Comuni della Bassa Romagna

Design: Startt

Collaboration: Davide persanti , Member of the Design Team

Type : Urban design

Status : realized

Year : 2012

Budget : undisclosed

The aim of competition is the rehabilitation of the courtyard of Pavaglione; a huge quadriporticus from XVIII century that housed one of the biggest market at the end of silk road in the North of Italy. The courtyard is considered as a whole system, organized in two functional spaces, the Enchanted garden and the mineral plateau: like in the graffito technique, a great pavement plan is engraved to take back the historical tracks and to draw new ones. The open space for events (the mineral plateau) and the trees one (the Enchanted garden) are defined by the original cardo from roman foundation; new ripples in the plane create a soft space for relax and free time under the trees; a constellation of banks features the place to create intimate places; finally a pop-up stage for events is the ready-made completing the composition. This set of tracks – contemporary or coming from history – disappears in the night and makes way for surreal light presences emerging in the fog: a tribute to the work of Luigi Ghirri along the Via Emilia. The engravings in the plane become lighting signs they play together with the punctual lights and the reflecting elements, according to the lesson of the Profilo delle nuvole.