The Bauhaus Museum – Dessau

project / competiton

Client :The Bahaus Dessau Foundation

Surface : 3.500 m²

Budget : 25 M€

Type : cultural

Status : competition / idea

Year : 2015

The program  being composed by 7 major fields, our design reflects the multidisciplinary approach of a non dogmatic and non academic institution like the Bauhaus. In our understanding, this has not to be a centralized institutional building but an open multi-polar reality oriented towards different directions. To do so  we chose an elementary geometry like the square, turned so to multiply the connections with the surrounding city. the project investigates the capacity of some natural webs (like those of spiders) to retain steam, dew and fog. Being Dessau  in an area where this phenomena are present thanks to the Elbe river, the project aims to take advantage of this available natural resource. What if the visitors cotributed to produce energy while visiting the museum. The rooof terrace of the museum is conceived so as to make it possible.