The Triumph Pavillion – London


Client :Arch Triumph, London UK

Type : cultural

Status : competition / idea

Year : 2015

Budget :12.000 €

Awards : Shortlisted

Inspired by the water striker which uses vibrations to detect its preys, the pavilion investigates the opportunity to harvest energy from vibrations. The pavilion is composed by a series of hexagonal steel modules with a stem at the center. The stems are interconnected by various flexible transparent polycarbonate tubes. The modules collect the vibrations of the tube trasforming them into energy. The modules are randomly set so to increase the number of interactions between the tubes. Vibrations can be caused by the wind, rain and by the visitors passing through the pavillion.  The tubes are mutually intermingles so to create the maximum number of interactions between them . When a tube is set in motion it perturbates the closing by elements in a sort of domino effect. The energy is harvested in the hexagonal modules and stored in the battery units.At the base of each hexagonal module there is the energy electrect harvester produced by the Belgium company IMEC and the US company OMRON. This device is connected to a flexible wire cable trasmitting the vibrations to it. Imec’s power management chip allows the vibrational energy from Omron’s electret harvester to accumulate and produce a constant supply voltage between 1.5 and 5 volts. The harvester weighs just 15.4 grams and harvests vibrations on equipment to provide DC power to sensors in the microwatt range.