Villa A – Interior Design – Catane

project / commission

Client : confidential

Surface : 700 m²

Type : residential

Year : 2013-2014

Budget : confidential

Status : complete

The interior design of the Villa_A follows the same strategy of the overall project: the interiors are strongly interconnected with the exteriors space and the choice of materials play with the two realms.  In the living dining room two materials  differentiate the two levels of the ambiance: white natural stone for the area of sofas and a woodwork for the library/staircase area that will accommodate the dining area with a more intimate atmosphere. In the kitchen white is the predominant color to emphasize diffuse light. The dining area is aligned with passage leading to the pool outside the patio in front of the kitchen. The furniture has been chosen for its minimalist simplicity. Below ground there’s a multimedia hall. The back lit ceiling uses the same material of the projection screens. Trapezoidal glass blocks bring light from the external interstice protecting the house from the  surrounding terrain. Finally each of the bathroom has been characterized with different materials.